Restore of Wisconsin

Complete Care & Services

Streamlining your care makes all the difference

We developed a way to streamline your care and recovery, making the process smoother for both you and your employer. Unlike most occupational medicine programs, Restore sends you directly to the specialist who can best provide the care you need as quickly as possible. Our more effective, more efficient approach to treatment includes:

  • A comprehensive range of outstanding medical care and prompt treatment for all work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Dedicated occupational medicine specialists who diagnose and treat only job-related injuries.
  • A panel of additional specialists (including orthopedics, ENT, general surgery, ophthalmology, and other specialties) who are available immediately to treat you in an emergency.
  • Fast-track appointments with a physician (or a physician’s assistant when appropriate) within 24 hours of your initial contact—or immediate care in an emergency.
  • A Swift Restore Pass, granting you priority status for office visits and urgent or emergency care—plus same-day appointments for MRI, X-ray, lab, rehab, and other services.
  • A single, helpful point-of-contact to manage your care.


Dedicated to being a single source for work-related medical needs, Restore also provides these additional services:

  • Physical exams for: pre-placement, DOT, executive, firefighter, law enforcement officer, return to work, fitness for duty, HAZMAT, and OSHA lead, cadmium, asbestos, and other substances
  • Testing for: pre-employment, post injury, return to work, and other specialty testing


The benefits of Restore are clear. We designed everything around doing what makes the most sense in treating your work-related injuries and illnesses more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Share this information with your co-workers and allow us to serve you whenever needed.