Restore of Wisconsin

Onsite Services


One of the most significant investments that a company has is its employees. Our onsite clinics provide the necessary resources to maintain the good health of your employees and their families. This leads to a healthier work force and improved productivity.

We work with you to create a customized, fully operational clinic to meet your specific needs and interests. Our highly trained clinical professionals can provide primary care services along with best practices in health coaching and injury prevention. Our onsite clinic can offer the following services:

  • Provide individual and family health consultations
  • Diagnose and treat chronic and acute illnesses
  • Write prescriptions
  • Administer flu vaccines and other immunizations
  • Work with you on an individualized wellness plan based on your employee population
  • Collaborate with your nurses and primary care physicians
  • Make referrals to your network provider for medical appointments
  • Help you manage chronic health issues
  • Conduct annual health risk assessments
  • Provide ongoing smoking cessation, weight management and nutrition classes
  • Provide point-of-care lab tests
  • Handle or triage work-related injuries
  • Additional services upon request

Our employer-based clinics have proven success in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. We can help design a space within your walls and work with you to create communication materials and reach out to employees to grow utilization.

We meet with you on an ongoing basis to share reports that measure the success of your onsite clinic and overall wellness program. Our goal is to build a lasting partnership with you to bring exceptional health care services to your employees.


To learn more about what Restore can do to help improve the overall health and wellness of your work force, please contact us at 414-465-3600.